Thursday, April 14, 2011

A new addition to the family!!

It has been FOREVER since my last post!!! But its has been for good reason :) I have been really sick, which isn't fun, but we have a new addition coming to the family!! So that is where all my energy has been. Just been tired and sick :(. Also my camera has had some issues- But I think were about back to normal! YAY!!! So this is how I let my husband know I was pregnant. I tried to find a cute "I'm a big brother" shirt,but they were all so expensive. So I made my own! It looks like this- I First found an outfit I thought was cute. Then I got on my computer and just played with fonts and sizes until I found something I liked that said I'm a Big Brother! Then I got a piece of paper and traced it onto the paper from the computer. Then I went over it with a black marker. I then stuck the paper inside the shirt and positioned it how I wanted it. It was a little hard to see so I put a flashlight under it so the words showed up a bit better. Then I got some fabric paint, I just got it at wal mart for like a dollar, and I traced from the paper onto the shirt with the paint. It had to dry for a few hours. But it was SO easy! All you have to do is trace! Or if your good at that stuff you can just free hand it.

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