Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Growth Chart for kids"

First- start with whatever size board you want. I just had my sweet husband bring home some scrap from work :)

Then I mod-podge'd it (I had some help...kinda, haha!). Since I used particle board, I wanted it to be a little smoother.

Then I painted it with some extra paint I had, I chose tan.

I drew some grass and some vines (in pencil first!) and painted them. Then I got one of my CTMH acrylix stamps and stamped on the leaves. (stamping is way easier than drawing, if your not good at that sort of thing, like me)

Then I got a ruler, and put it against the wall above the baseboard where it will go in my sons room so I knew where to start my lines; and I marked where the 1 foot on the ruler was for my starting point. You can choose what you want to start yours at. Then I penciled where all the half-inch and inch marks would be and made sure they were in the center. This does take a little time to get all the correct measurements! Then I went over them all with a permanent marker.
I marked where the feet where. For every inch I put a line, and for the half inch I just made a small mark. You can do it as detailed or simple as you like!

I had some wood animals I had sitting in my sons room that were from his baby shower decorations that I never had a use for, until now! I decided to add a little extra too mine. You can decorate it however you want, or leave it as is! I just hot glued these little guys on and I think it turned out rather cute, for just using things around the house. Didn't cost me a thing!!

Here is a closer look at the finished board!