Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter block

I made this cute Easter sign for my craft group. It was fun and I think turned out really cute!

I first got together all my supplies. I had a piece of scrap wood that was already white, but if you dont, you can paint it. Then i picked out some paper I thought was cute for the background. I used my cricut to cut out the letters, but you could use stickers or vinyl or whatever you have that will work! I got some wood eggs from Roberst and got some paper to go on top of them and traced and cut those out. I used a sponge and some ink to add some color to the eggs, also I used a purple on the background paper around the edges.

I used mod podge to put the background paper on then laid out my letters where I wanted them ( before you glue your letters on put your eggs on it so you know where to put everything when its done). I glued my letters on, but you could also just mod podge them too.

I mod podged the paper eggs to the wood eggs and for some extra detail I sprayed some glitter on them. You could also just glue them together if you want.

Finally, glue the eggs to the board and add any extras to make it look even more cute! I used a button and some ribbon. I love how it turned out, it is so cute! It was really easy and fun too!

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